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About Us

We are an international award winning organization, based out of IIT Madras, which improves the learning ability of students using Peer Teaching, a Harvard University backed teaching method. We train and mentor senior school students in their formative years of age 12-16 to teach their juniors by partnering with Affordable (low-income) private schools and provide after school academic help to the students at a very low cost. By getting the learned students and the learners together in a classroom, we aim to create a school ecosystem which defines their potential not merely in terms of examinations, but through their overall academic and personal excellence.

Present Challenges

Schools believe rote learning is the leading cause of poor education standards

Students drop out after class 10

Principals feel external aids don't enhance learning outcomes due to usage difficulty and curriculum differences

Our Approach

Most of the world believes that by putting more qualified teachers in the classrooms, we can improve the quality of learning and have better results. And while this is true, it fails to address one very important need. The capability building of students! And this will not be possible until the students themselves realize the importance of learning and are motivated from within.
How do we make our students more capable and responsible?
How can we reduce their dependency from others and empower them?
Well, an organised classroom, taught by senior peers (Educators) and guided by our Creatives, promises to be the torchbearer!

Our Stakeholders

Learners(4th-8th std.)

Educators(8th-11th std.)




Our Team

Do you ever look at people and say, “How will they understand our problems?”. Trust us, we are not those people. All of us come from very humble backgrounds, attending the very same schools we want to impact and have lived that life. We were those students not very long back. We also understand that the exposure to learning that we got in these recent years is not available to everyone, and thus we want to make sure every student benefits from this! We are here to give back! We are social entrepreneurs and we strongly believe in what we do!

Our Supporters




50+ Student leaders

2500+ Students by 2020!


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